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    Renegades Club Night

    On 22nd May 2018

    Club Night at The Farmhouse, Burrfields Road Portsmouth. Every 2 weeks on a Tuesday. 6.30pm start. In the summer months we go for a cruise in the cars. Even if you do not have a car or not a club member feel free to come along and see the cars.

    Peterborough Hot Rod & Custom Show

    From 26th May 2018 to 27th May 2018

    [URL]http://www.hotrodandcustomshow.co.uk/[/URL] [URL]http://www.solent-renegades.co.uk/shows-and-cruises/30344-peterbrough-custom-american-show-2018-a.html#post78497[/URL]

    Port Solent Car Meet

    On 27th May 2018

    Classic & American Vehicles at Port Solent, 2nd and Last Sunday of the month.[URL="http://www.solent-renegades.co.uk/content/459-port-solent-car-meet.html"] http://www.solent-renegades.co.uk/content/459-port-solent-car-meet.html[/URL]

    Brooklands Mopar Muscle Day

    On 27th May 2018


  • Bonneville Speed Week cancelled for 2015

    Bonneville Speed Week cancelled for 2015

    Press Release



    ​The SCTA President/Race Director Bill Lattin & the BNI Chairman Roy Creel spent this morning (July 20th) on the salt. The most they could find was 2 1/4 miles of salt suitable for a safe race course. The rest of the salt flats are either wet or wet and muddy. If the wet salt gets dry, future events could be possible.

    The Nugget will be refunding for reservations for one week
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    1. AmericanThunder's Avatar
      AmericanThunder -
      Climate change dontcha know?
    1. TransAmDan's Avatar
      TransAmDan -
      I'm on the phone some a team in South Dakota every day, they mentioned they are having a heat spell for the last 3 weeks. I know it's not that near Nevada Desert, but you would expect a place like that to be with less water especially when other parts of the states are having a hot spell.
    1. AmericanThunder's Avatar
      AmericanThunder -
      More to do with drainage than recent rain fall i think.
    1. sarah's Avatar
      sarah -
      I would be so gutted if I was to go out there for it and find out it had been cancelled