• American Speedfest Brands Hatch 2015

    A few of the club members went up to Speedfest on Sunday 7th June 2015. We heard there was long queues the year before, so we wanted to get their earlier. Left home at 5:45am to take a casual drive to Clacket Lane services on the M25 where we met Darren and Dave for 7.15am. The morning was looking good, great weather, and there was a McDonalds there, so breakfast and coffee was much needed by that point.
    Many other cars were also at the services too also going to Speed Fest. I was surprise what a short drive it was from the services to Brands Hatch. There was no queues either, entrance organised well multiple lanes to get in. there was MSV photography taking photos of each car on entry, which they have online MSV Photography Speedfest 2015.

    We had a great parking space overlooking most of the track. Lots of NASCAR racing although they seems to have trouble staying ont he track and one ended up on its roof. Many others cars racing too, great to listen to and watch and soo many cars to walk around too.

    Photos of Speedfest 2015:-

    Forum thread with more photos and links, http://www.solent-renegades.co.uk/ci...-2015-a-5.html

    We were also lucky enough to be allowed to be on the parade lap at the end of the day. Brilliant to actually drive on the track. We were doing walking pace most of the time, its a long video, two laps of the circuit.
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      sarah -
      The post with my two videos on........Parade lap from the spectators view, and being overtaken by Darren in his Saleen Mustang

      Video: American Speedfest Parade Lap & Saleen!