• Project Street Legal To Reopen LA Drag Strip

    Project Street Legal To Reopen LA Drag Strip

    In recent times there has been a lot of talk of Shakespeare County Raceway closing, so it may seem unusual to here of a drag racing strip reopening. In LA, Terminal Island Raceway was an actively used strip from when it opened in the 1970's to its unfortunate closure in 1995. Terminal Island was not your conventional drag strip, a lot like Thorney Island here in the UK. Much of the strip had large metal containers forming it and no official governing body keeping watch. When Terminal Island closed in 1995, a coal handling company took over the land, but recently the land has found itself vacant once more.

    This is where the International Brotherhood of Street Racers group comes in.

    With an increase in illegal street racing in LA, the reopening of the vacant drag strip could solve a lot of problems for the racers, LAPD and the general public. Project Street Legal founder, and International Brotherhood of Street Racers member. Donald Galaz is banding together as many people as he can in LA, and further afield to get Terminal Island back open. Galaz has got an on-line petition set up, for anyone to sign across to globe to help get the strip running again.

    Not only does Galaz want the strip reopened, he is also seeking the support of the NHRA or IHRA to make the track as official
    as can be. Having NHRA or IHRA on board could do so much more than bring legal drag racing back to Terminal Island, it would bring youth programs, establish a more positive relationship between the public and LAPD and could also help end illegal street racing. This would save LA money as well as lives being lost due to street racing.

    You can read more about Project Street Legal on their website:

    And you can also sign their petition to aid their quest to reopen Terminal Island:
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