• Dog Gets His Own Back On Driver Who Kicked Him

    Dog Gets His Own Back On Driver Who Kicked Him

    After being kicked by a man, this dog got its own back by hitting him where it hurts......his car.

    The motorist gave the stray a swift kick so the animal would move from his usual parking space. It seemed to be scared off, running away and the man who owned the vehicle thought that was that.

    However, the dog returned with some friends and the pack then proceeded to vandalise the car, biting at the paintwork, wheels and even detaching the windscreen wipers.

    A neighbour took some photos to show the driver in Chongqing, China, because otherwise, he clearly wouldn't have believe what had happened to his car. Apparently though, the dog hasn't returned, seemingly thinking that the scores have been settled.

    Who knew dogs held grudges?
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    1. an88fiero's Avatar
      an88fiero -
      Oopsy lol
    1. AmericanThunder's Avatar
      AmericanThunder -
      That dog should be careful, he'll end up as chop suey!