• Google Launch Car Insurance Comparison Site In US

    Google Launch Car Insurance Comparison Site In US

    Google have just released the launch of its Google Compare Auto Insurance website, available in only in California for now, but plan to reach out to a further 26 states in the future. The new comparison site lets people get car insurance quotes, and Google will receive a portion of any sales made.

    Google's Compare site offers a simple layout, which is the same to what we have seen here in the UK since 2012. While the Compare site is yet another revenue stream for Google, and according to Testcrunch, it could also be a way to better understand the US car insurance market. That knowledge could be vital down the road when it comes time to put the company's autonomous vehicle into customer's garages.
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    1. AmericanThunder's Avatar
      AmericanThunder -
      Now they will hold even more info on you that they can sell?
      Annual mileage to tyre companies....
      Speeding tickets to lawyers.....
      Etc etc