• Renegades in the paper March 2015

    The Renegades club are in the paper again on 7th March 2015. The last time was back in October 2013, some members were on a photoshoot to promote the end of season show 2013 by the newspaper. This time it is to promote the Renegades Start of season show 2015 and the Southsea Cruise's 2015. Thanks to Mark Heiford for talking to the paper to get us in there again. All in a good cause, as this years charity is CashForKids.
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    1. an88fiero's Avatar
      an88fiero -
      Yay nice one - but I'm sure from the left its you and your Trans am first lol
    1. AmericanThunder's Avatar
      AmericanThunder -
      Great article. Was there a vote on the charity? The forum opinion was definitely leaning towards h4h so I'm guessing there was a club night vote?
    1. TransAmDan's Avatar
      TransAmDan -
      lol, they got it wrong last time too.
    1. an88fiero's Avatar
      an88fiero -
      Quote Originally Posted by TransAmDan View Post
      lol, they got it wrong last time too.
      Yes I noticed lol
    1. matt 103's Avatar
      matt 103 -
      Awesome I'm famous again yey.. Excellent choice on charity nice and local too