• 1939 Pontiac Ghost Car

    1939 Pontiac Ghost Car

    Visitors of the 1939-40 New York World’s Fair were in for a big surprise, a car would be there that has never been seen before. Part of the exhibition was about future cars of the 1960’s, this was the GM ‘Futurama’ exhibit. Renowned designer, Norman Bel Geddes, designed many entries in the exhibition, but the ‘Ghost Car’ is what stood out in the transportation section.

    The ‘Ghost Car’ was built on the chassis of a 1939 Pontiac Deluxe Six, in collaboration with Rohm & Haas, the developers of Plexiglas, GM allowed them to us the Pontiac chassis to create the futurist car. Plexiglas was the end result of Rohm & Haas’s work with laminated safety glass and became the world’s first transparent acrylics sheet product. Rohm & Haas produced a replica body of the Pontiac, referring to supplied drawings, using the Plexiglas in the place of the sheet metal shell. All of the structural metal was given a copper wash, all hardware, including the dash, was chrome
    plated and all rubber mouldings were produced in white. It has been reported that $25,000 was spent building this Pontiac, which is around $415,000 in today’s money.

    The car was never issued any form of identification number, even the engine does not have an identification number. The engine itself is a Series 26, 222.7 ci, L-Head engine with 6 cylinders and three speed transmission.

    This car was put up at auction in July of 2011, and sold for $308,000.
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      Interesting. I recently saw transparent valve covers for sale too. Guaranteed not to yellow or discolour. Would suit this car?