• Stolen 1972 Corvette Recovered Over Forty Years After Theft

    Stolen 1972 Corvette Recovered Over Forty Years After Theft.


    DeKalb County, Georgia in 1972, a young Terry Dietrich, bought a brand new Corvette coupe, a car that is still referred to as her first love. The Corvette was blue in colour, with a T-top roof, and after a very short six months of owning this new Corvette, it was stolen! The Corvette had been parking in her work’s car park when it was stolen. Forty-two years later, the police finally recovered the stolen Corvette, but there is a good chance it will not find its way back onto Terry’s driveway.

    When police arrived to take her statement back in 1972 officers had told Terry to prepare for the worst. They suspected that her Corvette had probably been stripped for parts soon after the theft. For over 40 years the Corvette’s disappearance remained unsolved, although Terry’s insurer had long since paid the claim for the car’s theft, of which she purchased a 1973 Corvette. Even to this day she was never happy with the 1973 Corvette as the 1972 Corvette was ‘her Corvette’.

    The mystery of the stolen Corvette’s whereabouts was solved this year! Car dealer and restorer, Gary Green, bought a 1972 Freedom-1972-corvette-2-700x525.jpgCorvette, in blue, from a local lady whose husband had recently passed away and no longer wanted the car. As Gary was clued up on these types of cars he did not question the Corvettes ownership legality. He soon changed his mind after realising
    that the VIN on his newly purchased car was in fact for a 1969 Corvette convertible, not the 1972 T-top coupe he had in front of him. After discovering the incorrect VIN, Gary notified the authorities, and the Corvette was impounded as North Carolina
    Police discovered it was the stolen Corvette belonging to Terry.

    The Corvette was not to be released until a title that matched the VIN
    was produced. Unfortunately for Terry, who was ecstatic over her Corvette being found, never got a title for her beloved Corvette as it was never paid off by her as it was stolen. Her insurance company have admitted that they would have had a copy of the title after paying off the insurance claim, but it was no longer a document they had.
    Freedom-1972-corvette-4-700x525.jpgTerry tried to get a duplicate copy of the title from the State of Georgia, but they cannot produce copies of titles.

    North Carolina remains inflexible in the ruling that the car will not be released without either a title or a court order, regardless of the original police report proving ownership. Technically the Corvette belongs to Terry’s insurance company as they were the ones who paid off the Corvette after its theft,, but even they have had little luck in arguing the case over the Corvette’s ownership with the North Carolina DMV.

    Unless either a title is found or a court order is produced to release
    Freedom-1972-corvette-3-700x307.jpgthe Corvette, it will end up going to auction to be sold. An auction is was Terry fears the most as she knows the Corvette is something she cannot afford to buy, which will mean that someone else will drive away with the Corvette she only had for six months.
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    1. AmericanThunder's Avatar
      AmericanThunder -
      You would think the insurance company would be best placed to request a title as they are the ones who ultimately paid.
      I'm wondering how the winning bidder of the auction would be able to get a title for it?

      A frustrating story.
    1. sarah's Avatar
      sarah -
      You'd think so, I can imagine Terry is mega frustrated....being over the moon happy that your car has been found to only be told you can't have it.

      Weird how they don't get the title of the car until it is paid off, yet over here we get out V5's straight away pretty much.