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    Wheels Day 2014 AMC JavelinWheels Day by SSR is the biggest Aldershot Car Show of the year and falls on Good Friday based at Rushmore Arena, Aldershot, Hampshire. This 2015 Wheels Day was on Good Friday 3rd April. Its a Hot rod and custom car show and it was a great sucess again. They were limited to 750 vehicles, and although the field looks a quarter full, it probably wasn't far off 750. So thanks to the Surrey Street Rodders for this event. The Surrey Street Rodders have a Facebook Page, so check them out for the latest info

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    Wheels Day Pre-Entry

    2015 was a new pre-entry system, they are done two batches of 250 pre entry cars. Also if you are wishing to be in a club stand then is a max of 10 cars in your club, which made up the other 250 spaces. If you had a car and its not pre-entered you can turn up, and follow the marshalls, if they deem it a show car then it will be in a car park with other show cars (not the show ground) once this is full then only the general public car park left.
    The pre-entry was a case of sending them an email (check their facebook page in the above link) you needed to send them a photo of your car and other details, if they select your car they will email you and you then need to pay for your ticket within 7 days.
    The year of 2014 was at a different venue, Dunsfold (top gear track) it had some issues, almost resulting in no more wheels day, a couple of articles Will the be a Wheels day 2015? and a write up on Wheels Day 2014

    Renegades Meeting Place:- Meeting at Morrisons Horndean to leave there at 8am sharp.

    Photo album of the 2014 Wheels Day

    This event happens on Good Friday at either beginning of April or end of March, well when ever Good Friday falls. So if you wondered what day is good friday 2015, it falls on Friday 3rd April. This is a very large American Car show in the south of the UK. The Surrey Street Rodders hold their good Friday annual event of all vehicles that are hot rod, custom, classic and American with the Wheels Day bash at Rushmoor Arena. The 2015 one is the 41st Annual Wheels Day Event, its been going for a long time now. Rushmoor Arena is a great venue for it. It use to be at a different venue a long time ago.

    Wheels Day Photo Gallery's

    Over the years we have collected many photos of vehicles from this event, feel free to browse the photos and vote for cars, and if you know the name of the vehicle then feel free to name them online.

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    No Dogs Allowed. Yes they have said it in the past and let it go, but on a new site and the owners have stipulated this right from the outset. So they have to obey it. Therefore, they will be enforcing it, so if you turn up with a dog you will not be allowed in and turned away (They will not have to worry about clogging up the main roads as there is plenty of area, so checks will be enforced). If you manage to get in with a dog (like smuggling a Mexican chihuahua in the glove box) and are walking round with you will be escorted off site. If you get in and leave a dog in your vehicle, the relevant authorities will be there to save your dog, with out giving a second thought to your vehicle. Before anyone asks this is for the four legged kind of dog. They have had a lot of grief about this in the past so please help them to keep the show going and in helping lots of charities, by not bringing your dogs.

    However even though their was this strict rule, we saw many people with dogs, well around 10 dogs, some were off the lead running about too. Hope Surrey Street Rodders don't get into trouble from the MOD for this, as they will be force to no longer have the show

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