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    Wheels Day truck from 2013.Surrey Street Rodders Wheels Day had a new location for 2014, its was Dunsfold Aerodrome(top gear track). Good Friday April 18th 2014. Hot rod and custom American car show that had its 40th Anniversary in 2014. Weather was cool, and sunny, a little chilly when the wind came. Well over 1000 show vehicles, check out the photos.
    Photos from Wheels Day 2014
    Sarahs Photos from Wheels Day 2014

    Many talks in the forum about Wheels Day, feel free to sign up and join in, http://www.solent-renegades.co.uk/general-discussion/12669-thoughts-dunsfold-wheels-day.html

    There are many other photos albums from previous years, galleries from previous years,This event happens on Good Friday at either beginning of April or end of March, well when ever Good Friday falls. This is a very large American Car show in the south of the UK. The Surrey Street Rodders hold their good Friday annual event of all vehicles that are hot rod, custom, classic and American with the Wheels Day bash at Dunsfold Aerodrome. This Wheels day car show used to be at Rushmoor Arena. The 2014 one is the 40th Annual Wheels Day event, its been going for a long time now. Two entrances for Wheels Day, if you are coming in via the A281 then use postcode GU6 8HY or if you come from the B2130 then use GU6 8TB.

    There were concerns of the new venue and traffic. However as a club we arrived at 9am, and left at 5pm, ans saw no traffic at all. It was very well done. However some people wern't as lucky and complained they had kids in the car for 2 hours. Over the years at the last venue, you always arrived early to beat the traffic.
    Because of the traffic many people complained on facebook and sent hate mail to the Surrey Street Rodders which do this event as a charity event and for show car owners to show their cars. The Street Rodders closed their facebook page. this sort of abuse is out of order. The Rodders have just announced on their website (24th April 2014)
    The 40th Wheels Day was not as the Surrey Street Rodders would have wished.
    We anticipated an attendance of 6,000 people which would have been an increase of 50% of our best ever Wheels Day.
    Dunsfold Park has informed us the actual number on Good Friday was in excess of 18,000.
    We are sorry for the problems this unprecedented turnout of vehicles caused.
    At one point we did stop charging entry, in order to get as many people as possible on site and try to alleviate the 12 mile traffic jam.
    Since the show a tirade of negative forum postings, abusive phone calls, emails and now accusations of inappropriate dealings with Wheels Day money have led to the following decision.

    There will be no more Wheels Day in its present form.

    The Surrey Street Rodders would like to thank everybody who has supported us in the past 40 years and helped so many charities; you are a credit to our hobby.
    wow over 18,000 not surprise there were some traffic issues. That is a very impressive turnout. Well hopefully they will rethink their decision later on in the year, it would be very say to see this one go. Many great memory and photos of the events over the years though. I'm not surprised they have taken this action due to all the negativity shown towards this event.

    Bloodhound SSC
    This year the well known Bloodhound SSC was be on display at the Wheels Day event. This vehicle will be attempting the land speed record of over 1000mph. This is an amazing bit of kit. it is fitted with a 500hp V8, and that is just the for the fuel pump to fuel the jet engine which will product 135,000hp. There is also a solid fuel rocket attached so with all these power plants combined a new land speed record will hopefully be broken. You can also pay to have your name put on the fin. Imagine that going down in history with this car being at a museum somewhere with your name on it.

    No Dogs Allowed. Yes they have said it in the past and let it go, but on a new site and the owners have stipulated this right from the outset. So they have to obey it. Therefore, they will be enforcing it, so if you turn up with a dog you will not be allowed in and turned away (They will not have to worry about clogging up the main roads as there is plenty of area, so checks will be enforced). If you manage to get in with a dog (like smuggling a Mexican chihuahua in the glove box) and are walking round with you will be escorted off site. If you get in and leave a dog in your vehicle, the relevant authorities will be there to save your dog, with out giving a second thought to your vehicle. Before anyone asks this is for the four legged kind of dog. They have had a lot of grief about this in the past so please help them to keep the show going and in helping lots of charities, by not bringing your dogs.

    Just to clarify a few frequently asked questions about WheelsDay......
    • There is NO pre-booking for show cars for WheelsDay - it is an arrive and display event so arrive early to ensure you fully experience the event
    • Entry via GU6 8HY or GU6 8TB (Compass Gate or Stovolds Hill) for all traffic
    • NO DOGS (or any other animals)
    • Wheels Day Trade Enquiries please telephone 07522 615509
    • No Club Stands - if you wish to display together turn up in a group and we will do our very best to place you all together
    • Entry is 5 per adult, kids and OAP's go free (just as has been said all over this page)
    • Don't turn up to the event at 3:30pm and expect it to be in full swing! The prize giving and giveaways will be happening by this point and people will be leaving

    Dunsfold Aerodrome, Cranleigh, Surrey GU6 8TB
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    There are two Postcodes you can follow for Dunsfold Aerodrome, GU6 8HY or GU6 8TB.

    Wheels Day Photo Gallery
    Over the years we have collected many photos of vehicles from this event, feel free to browse the photos and vote for cars, and if you know the name of the vehicle then feel free to name them online.
    235 photos from Wheels Day-2004
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    1047 photos of
    Wheels Day 2014

    If you enjoy Wheels Day then pop along to the Renegades Season Opener Show on April 27st 2014 Portsmouth. More info>>

    Wheels Day Meeting Places
    Okay if you want to meet up with some clubs for a convoy into Wheels Day then go to any of these following places.

    Solent Renegades meeting in Morrisons Horndean car park to leave there at 7.45am sharp.

    The Can-Am Car club, meeting in long stay carpark Ringwood at 6am to leave at 6.30 am , they will pull in at Rownhams at 7am to meet anyone there that is coming from another way, they will leave here at 7.15am, going along the A27 and up the A3(m).

    Emma Kenny meeting at Staples Fareham at 6:45 for a prompt 7.00 leave, will be joined by others in the layby on the A3, on the way to Wheels Day

    Pontiac Owners Club meeting BURGER KING Guildford 8am to 8:45am. Leave at 9am.

    If any other clubs have meetings places you would like listed here, just drop me an email webby@solent-renegades.co.uk