• How the Renegades started

    How we started
    The Solent Renegades started over April 1999. Things have come a long way since the early days of just 3 of us sitting in the Seagull Pub in Portchester wondering if would would have more members one day. The three of us was Steve Puddick, Paul Bristow and my self Dan Potter.

    Its so easy to become a member, just come along to a few meetings. Membership is FREE. No annual fee. We are just a group of people with interests in vehicles. Most of our cars are American or Classic cars. You can even be a member of our club without having a car.

    The Renegades meet every two weeks on a Tuesday. The next club night is on the main page Club Meetings. During the Summer months we go out for a cruise usually somewhere different each time, but mostly involves Southsea / Old Portsmouth.

    Back in 2003 the website was started, its taken some time to get it like this, and many improvements are happening all the time. The website will keep on growing. Hopefully becoming useful for potential new members to find the club and also keeping members up to date with future events.

    That actual date of the Birth forwant of a better word of the Renegades was the 7th April 1999, I (Steve superb) was running a very nice baby blue Camaro similar to Paul and H's, my ex wife and i were having a drink with good friend Andy and Sue Connaton in a pub in Havant which the name escapes me at mo but will update later. We sat at the table after recently attending a show and knowing Victory Wheelers Hayling Island show was looming thought wouldnt iit be great to start our very own car club,surely it cant be that hard.Because we couldnt be assed with collcting money and bank accounts and loads of admin amd stuff we elected not to have a comitee leaving all the politics out of it and no membership fee's and the main thing was it had to be fun!!! or we were not interested.

    So the Wacky Racers was born as we going to be known to start with,but about a week before we were going to print wit flyers to advertise ourmnew club, we found out that a crowd from Guildford were alreasdy using the name so thought damn,what do we do now.The club with no name, a nice chap called Pete came to our rescue and said we could use the name Solent Renegades which was a motley crue of yank enthusiasts that used to meet in the seagull pub many moons ago.

    These included the likes of Mark Grant-Victory Wheeler runs a 32 roadster, Trevor-Victory Wheeler runs an AC Cobra,Dennis Jordan- Victory Wheeler and Renegade runs a C4 Corvette and Ford Fairlane, Conrad Jordan Dennises brother runs a C5 Corvette. I, Superb used to meet there also every Thursday nite and at the time was running a six cylinder 1977 Camaro in black and our very own New York Policeman Martin Calder was running a very wicked Bullnose Firebird,when Martin joined the Renegades he is still one of the original five of us being Me, Andy Connerton,Dan, Paul Bristow and Martin, The Famous Five or should i say notorius Five,if you tlak to any of these guys things were a lot different then. As Dan put in a previous bit of Renegade history we used to sit in the Seagull with our other halves or on occasion just us blokes and think christ is this it, if it is we had better make the most of it and didnt know how long we could survive with so few members.

    Slowly as word got around and the more shows we went too we signed up new members and people kinda liked the no joining fee and no commitee and the laid back nature of the club and slowly we grew, very slowly i might add.It must have taken five years to get passed the twenty or so members mark and now we were into 2004 thinking is this still going to last.Unfortunately my original partner in chrime Andy and his wife Sue didnt last and after an angry exchange of words i told them on yer bike and i will run it myself,I have kept a load of old News Letters from years ago, i bet some of you are saying whats one of those, i know it is something we need to discuss again to see whether its worth reserecting or you would all be happy with me just putting on the meetings minutes which Dan has kindly provided me with its very own section.I remember us celebrating our five years and seven years and at this stage couldnt even attempt the idea of organising our own show it just looked like so much work and would cost a fortune.
    After a second Christmas party at the Seagull resulted in a few antics including a food fight which got us band from the pub,so we went looking for a new meeting venue in the shape of the Hampshire Rose, and Shaun and Anya welcomed us in with open arms and it was quite good apart from a carpark we had to sometimes share with the Hampshire 4 x 4 club.Then that changed hands and we werent made to feel welcome anymore so we moved to the AMF bowl at Bedhampton for a very short while,only about three or four meets then realising it was too noisy and not ideal.So persuaded the Seagull to take us back and that was short lived and we found ourselves at The Inn On The Beach on Hayling Island.We stayed there for quite a while and even celebrated Leslie Ellises birthday there which is Keith Ellis wife who is formerly a Renegade and currently Chairman of The Victory Wheelers,we decided we needed a change of venue as it was a long way to go and very bleek down there in the winter and thats when we made our way to The Farmhouse. By Far our best ever meeting venue because Alex and his team are so enthusiastic and love us being there which makes such a difference having somewhere your made to feel welcome and im sure this has helpred boost our membership which currently eleven years down the road stands at approx eighty members and rising and by the time we start the next show season we may find ourselves hitting that magic 100 members,how mad is that and still no commitee,although we now have a bank account and we organise quite a few shows.

    Talking of shows we were at the Portsmouth rugby club for a fair while which was our meeting venue between leaving The Inn On The Beach and The Farmhouse, i nearly forgot about this one, mate what am i like,we were pursuaded at very short notice like about ten weeks would you put on a car show.Panic set in and i didnt know what to do, keith Ellis at the time said he would help and a few of us managed to pull it off with sponsorship coming from Barclays Bank as Keith Ellis new the business manager really well and they gsve us some cash to pay for as few bits like trophys,a band,public liability insurance and flyers.Our first show was a massive success and people were very complimentary about the laid back atmosphere and the club and Steve Havolock wrote for Classic American saying what a great show from a club that doesnt charge an entry fee for exhibiters cars and what a great turn out.I certainly silenced a lot of doubters in our club,you know who you are! whether we could actually pull it off.That was August 2007 we went on to have one more show there in 2008 which was sponsored by our very own Paul and Sue Sullivan which was very nice of them. Until they started moaning about us being parked on there precious rugby pitches and the catering wasnt up to scratch,so looked around for a new show venue,we had put on two shows now and were getting a dab hand doing it.

    So a new venue was sort, after a lot of head scratching we decided on Fort Nelson for our 2009 show and our Tenth Anniversary which in my book was a milestone who would have thought it back then in the seagull we would have lasted this long let alone having our very own car show. I decided this was the place and under a lot of oposition again you know who you are! Lol, we proceeded wiith our third show and what a belter we had over one hundred and fifty cars and approx eleven hundred jo public through the gate how Superb!! was that.The show was a roaring success and again i silenced a few doubters,needless to say theres not much doubt anymore.So this bring us nicely up to date and 2009 also saw the very first seaon ending show at The Farmhouse and again was a huge success and followed by a Superb! Christmas meal,some very well supported breakfast runs.

    This year 2010 has seen us have a Special Easter bank holiday Monday show at The Farmhose with live music which was Superb! and our second show at Fort Nelson and our second season finishing show with other memorable days out inbetween and a lot more shows coming up. We the Renegades took over the running of the Southsea Cruise in the August of 2007 after it was starting to decline and we the Renegades thought it needed a boost and not keen to see it go the way of so many other cruises and phase out altogether we put it on the web site started handing out flyers designed another cruise route which is still current and it now appears regularly on You Tube for the whole world to see.Because of our imput we have seen the cruise gain in popularity and we now have between forty abd sixty cars to most cruised and loads of spectators coming down just to watch the Renegades cruising Southsea doing what we do best driving our cars and having a good time and what a laugh and bringing a smile to few peoples faces as they wave to you as you cruise by, bringing a little slice of America to Southsea every third Sunday of the month.