• Renegades Season Opener 2013

    The Classic and American car show at the The Farmhouse Burrfields Road Portsmouth PO3 5HH, on the 21st April 2013 was a great success. Started at 12pm, cars will still coming in for some time, and spaces were getting a bit thin on the ground by mid day.

    Photos of the Season Opener 2013

    Three vehicles were picked for trophies, the judge was a worker from the Farmhouse. Alan with the Mach 1 Ford Mustang won a price.
    There was a raffle to raise money for charity. Pete Barnes was doing the DJ'ing and what a splendid job he done too. Chris organised a jumble sale section.

    After the Season Opener show we on to the Southsea cruise afterwards. The 1st Southsea cruise of the year in the car park opposite the fun fair in Southsea. Photos of April's Southsea Cruise 2013