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  1. Rapair of rear lights on my Trans-Am

    On the 6th of March 2016 myself Sarah and friends all went to the trampoline place in North Harbour called Flipout we had a great time, very knackering indeed, legs certainly take a pounding. Tried doing a front flip but still cant quite make it to my feet. Anyway after the session we went to McDonalds, the cosham one was packed due to Footballers finishing on the field opposite. So we went to the one in Leigh Park next to big Asda. I parked near the drive though as there was 2 spaces leaving room ...
    Working on the Car
  2. Solar Panel Installation 4kW system

    Well decided to go Solar Panels, did think about it around 3 years ago. A few companies were out there saying they give you free panels, I guess they get their money back by effectively renting your roof. However my roof is an odd shape and they wouldn't do anything our of the norm. I found a company recently that design a system for your needs, you choose how many panels you want. Up to 4Kw system gets more money per kWh than if you have larger system. I went with a company called ProjectSolar. ...
    General DIY
  3. 10th Anniversary Trans Am

    Thought I would start a blog, seeing as there is quite a snagging list and also a project list.

    I'll keep you updated with pics as we progress.

    So to start.

    Yesterday, 27/6/15 - my MOT man gave the car a clean bill of health. No rust, no worries.
    Today, saw my body shop man. The quote to remove all the pin striping and hood bird and then apply a new graphics kit that I will provide, was acceptable. Have already ordered the new kit with all that ...
  4. Fixing my crack on the Trans-Am door.

    For many years I have had a crack at the bottom of the door on the Trans-Am, its a fiberglass door. The door drops because of it. I have been putting this off for many many years, well it was like that when I got the car back in 2002. A photo album of the progress has been uploaded

    Took the car into work and moved the door with the use of a lift.
  5. Oil Price drop June-Dec 2014

    Its all over the news that the price of oil is dropping. It has been dropping since June 2014, where it peaked at 114 units(what ever the units are price per barrel?) anyway you can see its 68.71 now. That's 60% of the value it was 6 months ago.
    New forum-oil-drop.jpg

    This is the price of Brent-Oil, its oil in the raw form, has to be processed to make petrol / diesel. So if fuel was £1.40 per litre at the pump we should really £0.84 at the pump if it was a 40% price drop as ...

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