Rapair of rear lights on my Trans-Am

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On the 6th of March 2016 myself Sarah and friends all went to the trampoline place in North Harbour called Flipout we had a great time, very knackering indeed, legs certainly take a pounding. Tried doing a front flip but still cant quite make it to my feet. Anyway after the session we went to McDonalds, the cosham one was packed due to Footballers finishing on the field opposite. So we went to the one in Leigh Park next to big Asda. I parked near the drive though as there was 2 spaces leaving room for the other car that was with us. There were cars wanting to get into the drive through as i was reversing up. I can see the curb, perfectly lined up, and I slowly go back. I see the curb getting closer at the back, still 12 inches to go, then bang. I move the car forward an inch and get out. There is only a pigging motorway barrier overhanging the curb. Its too high to hit the bumper. I'm still miles away from the back being inline with the curb.

A crack almost the length of the light. Looks more of a scuff on places. I have a spare light cluster in the garage, but its not as nice looking and weights a bit more too. So wanting to repair this one the best I could.
Popped the boot, unscrewed the 5 nice wing nuts hanging it on, took out the bulb holders, and within a couple of mines the light cluster was in my hand. There was a chap working on his BWM a couple of doors down and looked amazed I got it off soo quick and without using tools. I guess some cars are built to be worked on. Headlight can comes out in mins to change, where on some cars I believe you have to take bumpers off to change the bulb.
So wanted to work on this on the desk so I can take more care. Face it upwards so glue is more likely to fall into the gap.
Did have one small piece that could come out.

Glued this into place first.

The super glue seems to do the trick, although doesn't look too nice close up. But from a distance with your eyes squinted its not too bad.

Popped some weight on it to squeeze together while the glue set.

Another close up picture. The whiteness in the gaps has gone. Although looking close it doesn't look nice, but again a whole lot better in the distance.

Perhaps its time to look for a new light for replacement.

At least its back together, and shouldn't let in any water.
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  1. AmericanThunder's Avatar
    Virtually guaranteed you will suffer condensation in there now, unfortunately.
    But good speedy fix.